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Finally a good one from HIMYM

I’ve been losing interest on watching How I Met Your Mother despite the mother is about to be revealed. But yesterday’s episode just fantastic and it made me think about myself and what I’ve been doing with my life. It just really freaked me out. It’s weird but it’s kind of like that for me. My friends are all graduating or are already working while I’m still stuck for 2 or 3 more years. It feels like I’m Ted who doesn’t get things right or things don’t go too well for him. Will I ever amount to anything?

I try not to say that I’m like Ted which I think the show works during the early seasons where a viewer can relate to a somehow slightly tragic and melancholic character who just wants to live and be happy. I just want things to go great for me as well. I want to reach that success that everybody seems to get so easily. I want that meet that metaphorical mother that signifies that I’ve done something great and unforgettable that I would never think that my life doesn’t suck and that I have something to be happy about.

Partners will always have a special place in my heart.

I still watch the six episodes from time to time. It’s just THAT funny. I’m still wondering what were the reasons they got cancelled. I mean, the writing is pretty okay and Michael Urie deserves an award for his performance. It’s just unfair :(

Fringe, Breaking Bad, and 30 Rock are ending next year as well.

Running out of good shows to watch in the fall.

I’m happy that people on Tumblr from the Philippines have meetups so that they can see their favorite bloggers and all.

But I also kind of want a meetup where people who are really into fandoms are the ones who get to gather as well. Fans of HP, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, or any fandom at all who live the Philippines.

I’m not really sure if Whovians, Sherlockians, and etc. actually do meet in the usual Tumblr meetups because I haven’t been to one yet (yes fail I know). 


Halfway in The Wedding of River Song :(

It’s been a great 3 months of watching Doctor Who. From Eccleston, to Tennant, and now Smith, it has absolutely been fantastic watching these great actors. I’m about to finish this Series 6 and now I’ll be waiting for Series 7 knowing that the Ponds will leave in the fifth episode <///3

I’m very thankful for Tumblr introducing me to Doctor Who and Sherlock while I was watching Supernatural. The great fandom trinity :)) 

I’m pretty happy about how this summer turned for me. Well for the year overall. I skipped school for a year for personal reasons, spent six or seven months in America doing random and crazy shit with some self actualization and epiphanies experienced, got back home, made a new Tumblr account, and then discovered Sherlock and Doctor Who. Those two shows made me happy these past few months because they made me a part of something. Though it may be a bit shallow being extremely happy about tv shows, it still satisfies me. Those two shows helped me make some new friends despite the huge distance I have with them. These two shows helped me feel better about myself because I know people who share the interests that I have who also has feels for those shows as much as I do. Probably even more.

All I just want to say is that I love the fandom so much and everybody in it. And so the wait for Sherlock Series 3 and Doctor Who Series 7 begins in half an hour.

Long live SuperWhoLock.

Ultimate act of being a fan:

Marrying the incredibly hot daughter of the actor you idolized when you were a kid. 

Bravo David Tennant, bravo.

You are a god.

Fangirl and PROUD.


So, this is basically how my Facebook timeline looks like right now.

I hate the timeline but I guess this would make it seem loads better. The text is a bit off the center since my ugly profile pic would cover it. This is a lot like my sidebar here in my blog, just tweaked it up a bit. And yes, I am very happy with the result. Haha. So guys, what can you say? Do you like it?

Ooooohkay. So you finally found my Tumblr =)))

Okay first of all, yes I have a Tumblr. Yes I repost random and funny stuff here too. Yes, sometimes I vent out here because I have no one to vent to in Facebook and I like the people who I follow and those who follow me because most, if not, all the time they know what I’m going through and give out the best advice. Yes, I like Tumblr because people here who don’t judge you.

Yes, I watch Sherlock. Yeeees, I’m a huge fan and reblog a lot of Sherlock :)) 

No, I’m not gay because I reblog a lot of Sherlock. No, I’m not gay because I like watching Sherlock and find the subtle or subtext homosexual themes of the shippers funny :)) Seriously, the Sherlock gifs, comics, doodles, and all of it are absolutely hilarious.

And no, I’m not gay because I have a Tumblr :))

Oh and lastly, I am absolutely not against anyone from the LGBT community. You can probably see that in some of my posts :))

Whether you have a Tumblr and follow me or not, I hope this serves as an explanation :))